Mobile app showing a mobile moment of a push notification

BLOG – Mobile Moments

You may look at the title of this blog post and wonder “what is a mobile moment?”

Mobile moments are those times during the day when you reach for your phone to find out instant, in-context, personalized information.  For example, it might be to see when the next bus is due, or to check the weather to see if you need to take a raincoat out with you.

These moments can happen dozens, even hundreds of times a day, and they are the key to delivering an engaging,useful app experience.

Mobile devices are a constant companion to many – and students in particular see them in this way. 82% of students have their phone switch on next to their bed when they go to sleep, which gives an indication to the level of interaction that they have with their devices on a daily basis.

They expect to be able to access university services and personalized information via their phone or tablet, and effective use of mobile moments increase student engagement by encouraging frequent interactions.  This in turn helps to foster a life-long relationship.

We’ve put together a short video looking at some of the ways that campusM can help to deliver mobile moments – for example by using push notifications to inform students of class changes.

Get in touch with us to find out more, or to tell us how you use mobile moments to drive engagement.