Native Apps vs. HTML5

Native Apps vs. HTML5



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Available worldwide, campusM is already the preferred mobile solution of more than 25% of UK universities.

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Mobile solutions for all your communities – from students and faculty, to prospective students, alumni, and visitors.

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campusM is unique in the education sector – offering user features and management tools you won’t find elsewhere.

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It couldn’t be easier to get mobile services up and running smoothly at your institution with campusM.

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campusM is:

A trusted solution

Available worldwide, campusM is already the preferred mobile solution of more than 25% of UK universities, including global league table leaders Imperial College London and University of Edinburgh.

Everything you’ll need

The campusM platform is all you need to build a world-class mobile presence. Solutions for student recruitment, the student experience and alumni communities are part of the standard package.

Quick and safe to deploy

Our hybrid cloud apps require no local infrastructure or technical support, so customers are up and running within weeks, but at the same time, all your data remains secure, inside the institution.

Easily update in-house

From simple map changes to entirely new screens, you can publish your app updates to all user devices with immediate effect – eliminating time-consuming upgrades to the various app stores.

Packed with Features

Our apps offer a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box services that integrate securely with back-end university management and learning systems:

  • Mobile-specific analytics
  • Single sign-on
  • Campus Pocket Guides
  • Maps and directions
  • Find a Friend
  • News and event feeds
  • Links to social networking sites
  • University directory
  • Search library catalog
  • Renew and reserve library items
  • Unique mobile file manager
  • Works with leading LMSs (VLEs)
  • Course and exam timetables
  • App Tour
  • Feedback – support & feature ideas
  • PC and Printer Availability
  • Offline working
  • Accessibility features
  • Alerts and push notifications
  • Collections of multimedia resources
  • Recents – navigation short-cuts
  • campusM Enterprise
  • campusM Student
  • campusM omni-channel
  • campusM lean portal

campusM™ Enterprise

campusM Enterprise offers mobile services tailored to meet the needs of individuals as well as key groups.

Personalized services

campusM Enterprise works with your university directory to match user profiles with mobile services. It provides a framework for designing personalized content aimed at individuals and groups such as prospective students, faculty, alumni, and, of course, your students.

Single or multiple apps, your choice

Create unique versions of campusM for different communities, and deploy as multiple apps or as a single mobile app for your entire institution.

campusM™ Student

campusM Student delivers services that meet the individual needs of today’s learners on their mobile devices.

Taking more university to the student

Smart institutions select technologies that fit personalized services and learning into the student lifestyle. campusM makes it easier to communicate with even the most hard-to-reach students, wherever they are.

Experiences that exceed expectations

campusM offers well-designed personalized mobile services, from course and exam timetables, to campus maps that can even locate available PCs. Students are freed up to focus on succeeding in their studies, and can navigate the university’s services with ease.

campusM™ omni-channel

campusM is setting the gold standard for omni-channel communication strategies with its responsive lean portal and range of true native apps.

What does omni-channel mean?

An omni-channel approach offers your users a truly agnostic experience which does not change depending on the device they are using to access your services.  campusM delivers this with smartphone apps and a desktop lean portal, blending unified design and content whilst making the most of native functionality.

Simplified management of omni-channel delivery

campusM institutions communicate consistently across all channels without incurring the management overhead of multiple user environments. campusM streamlines customizations into a single operation, with automatic updates to all deployments on all devices, reducing the total cost of omni-channel delivery.

campusM™ responsive lean portal

campusM transforms browser-based delivery with its responsive lean portal solution.

Consistent brand experience across all communication channels

The responsive lean portal delivers a gold standard user experience that adapts to the screen size of any browser-enabled device. campusM aligns with omni-channel strategies by presenting consistent branded services and communications across all devices, from desktop to smartphone.

Slimming down the campus portal

The campusM responsive lean portal delivers rapid ROI and lower total cost of ownership compared with larger portal suites. From a single source of truth, campusM streamlines content and functions across all channels, simplifying deployment and maintenance.

  • User Features
  • Cloud
  • App Manager
  • Apps
  • App Extension Kit
  • Analytics
  • Alerts

Push Notifications

Send push notifications across the university, or to individuals, using the campusM Alerts Server to iOS, Android and RIM.

Automatic updates

Users know they always have the latest features and content, with our synching framework that deploys updates instantly.

Single sign-on

Our security framework simplifies authentication by allowing users to log in once and access different systems.


Personalized course and exam timetables, linked to campus maps for ease of navigation.


Navigate around the app quickly with shortcuts to the home page and recently-visited screens.

Navigate your campus

Search for buildings and other amenities by name, pinpoint them, and navigate with campus maps, using GPS.

News and events

All the latest university news and event feeds delivered on the move.

Connect with social networks

Share exciting news and events or any content in the app on Twitter, Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger and email.

University contacts

Search the university directory. Phone or email contacts and add them directly to the phone’s address book.

My library account

View your library account details, reserve or renew books, and find learning resources in the library catalog.

Pocket Guides

Everything you need – from campus tours and the student handbook, complete with maps, to emergency help, even calls and email – within the app itself.


Students can view assignment or course details, and find out grades.

Videos and photos

Tune into mobile collections of videos, podcasts, and other resources.

App Tour

A helpful guide to features such as navigational shortcuts and app feedback.

Capture feedback

Users can submit feedback and ideas for future enhancements. Support issues can be sent directly to your helpdesk system.

PC Availability

Check PC availability across campus and use GPS to locate the nearest computer.

Offline working

Users can carry on working when they’re not connected, with our advanced caching framework.

Links to web pages

Follow links to web pages from custom icons on the home page or within the Pocket Guides. And single sign-on means no extra login, even to secure areas.


Our app responds to iPhone accessibility features by changing behavior to help users with impaired vision.

Find a Friend

Locate friends and family on campus. Make contact and meet up more easily.

campusM™ Hybrid Cloud

With our hybrid cloud apps, campusM institutions enjoy all the benefits of our shared mobile platform, while keeping their sensitive data inside the institution.

Lower total cost of ownership

Deployment takes place within the short timescales that typify cloud-based solutions. With minimal in-house skills and infrastructure requirements, campusM eliminates the burden of recurring upgrades, and reduces maintenance requirements dramatically.

The very latest mobile innovations

campusM updates the mobile devices of all your users automatically with the latest features and platform innovations, without any intervention on your part. Customizations and integrations are safeguarded during upgrades. With campusM, your mobile services are fully available and highly resilient.

campusM™ App Manager

The campusM App Manager is a powerful portal that makes it easy to manage, customize and publish updates to our mobile apps.

Putting you in control

From a simple interface you can update features, campus maps and geolocations, mobile branding, and manage content, without specialist skills.

Publishing updates to all mobile platforms

The publishing feature updates mobile apps on all platforms directly with changes and customizations as you make them – eliminating time-consuming upgrades to the different app stores.

campusM™ Mobile Apps

Our true native apps support omni-channel communication strategies, and deliver a native experience that is consistent with desktop and mobile browser access.

Unifying consistent brand experience with native features

campusM mobile apps are true native, exploiting device-specific capabilities including offline working, powerful graphics, and robust persistent storage. Fast and secure, they offer a device-optimized user experience blended with branded design and content that is consistent across all channels.

Simplified and efficient native app management

From a single source of truth, campusM native apps detect updates to content and functions, and perform automatic synchronizations. They integrate easily with legacy and third-party systems, and campusM streamlines deployment and customizations into a single efficient operation.


campusM™ App Extension Kit (AEK)

Our AEK gives you the power and flexibility to extend campusM apps, meeting local needs with features developed in-house.

Support your in-house developers

Based on HTML5, the AEK gives your developers the power to extend campusM apps with screens, toolbars, new menu items, and integrated services.

Write once, deploy instantly

Developers need not develop separate solutions for each mobile platform. Once a new feature is built, it is automatically deployed across our platforms instantly – eliminating time-consuming upgrades to the different App Stores.

Here’s a few examples of how customers have used the AEK:

  • Student Finance
  • Live Bus Timetables
  • Help Desk Integration
  • PC and Room Booking
  • VLE/LMS Module
  • Student Surveys
  • House Finder
  • Mashups of Announcements from Blackboard and Sharepoint
  • Moodle Extensions
  • Live Washing Machine and Dryer Availability

Student Finance

Students can view their university finance statement – invoices, credits and payments.


campusM™ Insight Analytics

campusM Insight gives you full usage reporting designed specifically for today’s mobile environment.

Business intelligence for your mobile services

campusM Insight goes beyond website-based analytics to capture mobile-specific data such as button-press metrics, and the devices, operating systems and platforms in use across the institution. campusM Insight records the offline usage that is common with mobile apps, and reports on features and pages added locally to your mobile app.

campusM™ Alerts

campusM Alerts is a cost-free and comprehensive communications channel delivered in real time.

A joined-up alerts system

The campusM Alerts Server can send university-wide push notifications to iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices anywhere in the world. Where a user has registered more than one device with campusM, the Alerts Server simply messages both devices. Your alerts can include rich text with links to campus maps and other resources.

Flexible Personalized Alerts

The campusM Alerts Server integrates with university back-end systems to send out timely personalized communications. Keep your students on track with timetable changes, assignment deadline reminders and library notifications. Our alerts also work with text messaging systems to keep your SMS costs down.

  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Design & Branding
  • 360 Degree Support

campusM™ Implementation

We offer a range of professional services to suit your institutional skills and the scope of your implementation.

Transferring all the skills and knowledge you need

We give your staff the training and ongoing support they need to manage your mobile app independently.

A track record you can rely on

With well-proven processes in place, we will get campusM up and running at your institution smoothly and quickly. Our technical consultants have a strong track record for rapid deployments. Their deep knowledge of higher education systems means ease of integration with legacy and third party systems.

campusM™ Integration

Integrating campusM mobile apps with your campus systems delivers rich and convenient services to your users, wherever they are.

Fully-integrated mobile services

campusM complies with leading standards, simplifying integration with legacy and third party systems. Our wide range of pre-built connectors to the most popular university management and learning systems minimizes deployment time.

Experience you can trust

We have successfully integrated campusM apps with an impressive range of back-end systems.

Design & Branding

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way the world interacts with higher education, so your mobile presence needs to be in the vanguard of brand design and management.

Mobilizing your institution’s prestige

We deliver exciting unique designs specifically for mobile. Customized and styled by our mobile design specialists, our apps help to generate and sustain brand recognition and loyalty from the earliest interactions.

360 Degree Support

We are always available to help you meet your mobile goals.

Thrive after go-live

Our customers can count on us to help with anything from basic queries and managing app store processes, to bespoke customizations. Our standard 360 Degree Support package includes regular health checks of all customer deployments, and recommendations to keep them ahead of the pack with leading mobile experiences.

Welcome to the campusM community

Join the campusM online community, and access its growing knowledge base. Let your developers share customizations and marketers discuss best practice. We listen closely to our customers, feeding their ideas into the product roadmap.

  • Customer references
  • Customer videos
  • Case studies

Raj Vaswani, Project Manager/IT Senior Associate, City University of New York Queensborough Community College
“It’s been a great experience. Other vendors I looked at took a ‘plug and play’ approach; if you didn’t fit their plug then you don’t get that feature. The campusM Platform was the only one we found that work work with all our data sources. The project management was outstanding, and they took great care to tailor campusM features to our College’s needs.”


Scott Hunyara, Project Manager, Empire Education Group
“The campusM team has delivered everything they promised on time and within budget”



Dave Heyns, Project consultant, University of Cape Town
“The ease with which we integrated People Soft into campusM in such a short period of time was fantastic.  The campusM team have done a great job at taking ownership of the project and driving the rollout.  The’ve given us direction and provided excellent support”


Mark Britchford, Systems Team Leader, University of Leeds
“Working with campusM has allowed the University of Leeds to rapidly move into delivering key student focused services in a mobile environment. The Mobile Student Services Project is one of the recent IT service delivery success stories at Leeds, and campusM were outstanding at working in partnership with colleagues across the different university services, providing a responsive and forward thinking commitment to our project.”


Simon Dewey, Web Manager, University of Hull
“We recently launched our app using the campusM product, its proved to be easy to use, so easy in fact we managed to launch an app for our recent open day within 3 weeks including GPS enabled maps! As well as providing visitor information, we also use it for specific Open Days information. Next we plan to expand the web services campusM integrates with, connectng to our library and student timetables. The system is about to go through a huge update which should make the product even better.”


Kieron Lonergan, Applications Manager, Learning and Teaching Systems, Manchester Metropolitan University
“campusM are  a delight to work with, they are an innovate and flexible company to work with. Always willing to help you find new ways to improve the student experience.”



Tony Lyons, Digital Projects Officer, Aston University
“campusM has allowed us to exceed student expectations in design and functionality. A well constructed and easily utilised platform delivering fantastic content quickly across multiple devices. The real strength of the offering is the deep integration with our systems – it talks to all of our systems beautifully and offers a joined up student experience. This was an important purchase for us, and a high profile project. It was delivered brilliantly and the feedback has been superb.”

Bob Price, iSolutions Manager, University of Southampton
“I have found it a pleasure to work with campusM since they are a growing company but still have a personal touch when it comes to day to day operations and taking their products further.”



Galina Smith, Web Assistant, Keele University
“Fantastic support, a pleasure to work with.”



Dave Cobb, Junior Application Specialist, Royal Holloway, University of London
“We’ve been using campusM for several years and have found it flexible and easy to use. The product is being continually updated and the support provided by campusM is first-class. Deploying our services through the AEK (App Extension Kit) is uncomplicated and has proven very popular with our students. Our non-technical users find the interface easy to use and we see huge potential in the platform.”


Christine Woerner-Dolley, IT Business Development Manager, University for the Creative Arts
“Five stars for campusM! We have been able to integrate a range of services with the product and it’s been a great success with our students. campusM have been flexible throughout the project, responsive to our many queries and also offer excellent support.”



Sean Brazier, End User Computing Solutions Lead, King’s College London
“campusM and campusM came highly recommended by other customers and I found them to be responsive and helpful. The whole setup process was smooth and issues that slowed it down were ours, not theirs. The product delivers on what it promises, and campusM support and willingness to listen to its customers has been excellent.”


Neil Witt, Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning and Head of Academic Support, Technology & Innovation, Plymouth University
“campusM is the only product that meets out students’ requirements. We consistently get good feedback on our ‘Mobile with Plymouth University’ initiative, and working with campusM and the campusM community allows us to introduce features and functionality based on our users’ needs. The ability to have a single system populating apps on a range of platforms removes the need for us to worry about technical implementation and allows us to concentrate on ensuring content & services to support users”

Alex Iacconi, Head of Internet Services, University of Westminster
“campusM is a great product, the flexibility of the interface and the responsiveness of campusM made implementing a mobile solution for the University of Westminster a very fulfilling experience. The University is currently planning to expand the use of campusM and, leveraging on the power of the Application Extension Kit, we will bring most of our on line services to the mobile platform using campusM as the delivery mechanism.”


Nicholas Laws, Head of Digital Communications & Publishing,University of Westminster
“The team at campusM made the implementation of CampusM smooth and seamless. The product is good, with one of the best dashboard interfaces we’ve seen in a while, making the management of the content and design a piece of cake. The support is excellent too, the team is only too happy to help and clearly has expertise in integrating University systems and feeds into the app.”


Peter Harrison, Business Process Consultant / Senior Lecturer, Coventry University
“campusM have been great to work with. They always do what they say they are going to do and in a timely manner. They are proactive in communications, highly responsive, and have encouraged us to get involved in the user community. Everyone at Coventry University is delighted with the outcomes of this project.”


campusM LMS (VLE) User Group Meeting

In June 2014 a group of campusM users met in London to discuss how the campusM Platform can integrate with Learning Management Systems, giving students access to learning resources via both native apps and a fully responsive lean portal.







Moving forward with your live campusM deployment

Customers at our User Group Meeting discuss their post deployment experiences.







Developing your own campusM features using the App Extension Kit (AEK)

The AEK enables Institutions to create bespoke functionality – here customers tell us how they use this feature









Choosing campusM Enterprise

The Enterprise version of the campusM Platform allows Institutions to provide specific functionality to different user groups.  These customers discuss why they chose Enterprise.





campusM and the Student Experience

campusM is designed to enhance the Student Experience.  Here customers discuss how their app has helped them engage with their students.





Why choose campusM

Customers at one of our User Group Meetings discuss why they decided to use campusM to provide their app.










Working with the campusM team

Our customers tell us their experiences of working with the team at campusM and the sort of support they have received.






We have put together the following case studies to show how the campusM team works with our customers to ensure they are making the most of the Platform.

Queensborough Community College



This case study looks at how the
campusM Platform was used to
provide access to key student services.

Read the QCC Case Study









Empire Beauty Schools 

Empire case study


This case study looks at how the campusM
Platform was used to allow students to
access University services through a lean
portal as well as a mobile app.

Read the Empire Case Study 









Aston University 

Aston University Case Study



This case study shows how the team at
Aston University used campusM to provide
a bespoke solution for visitors attending
their Open Day (Open House) events.

Read the Aston Case Study








University of Cape Town

Image of UCT Case Study


This case study looks at how the campusM Platform
was used to integrate with PeopleSoft to offer a flexible
innovative omni-channel Platform

Read the UCT case study










Imperial College London

Image of the Imperial College Case Study


This case study focusses on Imperial College
London used the campusM Platform to consolidate
their mobile app and lean portal solution.

Read the Imperial case study

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  • 2014/10/02South Africa loves the campusM Platform
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  • 2014/07/07Last week’s successful campusM LMS User Group to become a regular event
  • 2014/06/30campusM confirms impressive speaker line-up for omni-channel Briefing
  • 2014/06/19The campusM Platform scores a series of wins at UBTech in Las Vegas
  • 2014/06/12Help campusM to shape its VLE Roadmap at London’s Royal Veterinary College
  • 2014/06/06Solace South East Annual Seminar – governmentM
  • 2014/05/19Empire Education Group goes live with campusM
  • 2014/05/14Now What? Latest campusM video captures the post-deployment experience
  • 2014/05/12Introducing Ishvinder Dhupar, our new Graduate Java Developer
  • 2014/04/25Social media activity
  • 2014/04/17New Ovum report on campusM published
  • 2014/04/17Essential website maintenance
  • 2014/04/15Imperial College London hosts another successful campusM User Group meeting
  • 2014/04/09University of Cape Town delivers omni-channel campusM integrated with PeopleSoft
  • 2014/04/03Long Live the Mobile App Czar! Scott Bruckel reigns supreme at NERCOMP
  • 2014/04/02campusM team welcomes Vibs Trivedi, Java Developer
  • 2014/03/24More Stateside Success for campusM at EDUCAUSE Connect, Chicago
  • 2014/03/18Canterbury Christ Church University selects the campusM Platform
  • 2014/03/14Scott Bruckel, Vice President of Sales, North America
  • 2014/03/11campusM welcomes new Marketing Manager, Jackie Sherlock
  • 2014/03/03University of Bradford student app competition uncovers talent and vision
  • 2014/02/26Omni-channel delivery with campusM at Imperial College London
  • 2014/02/11Extending campusM technology out to other public services
  • 2014/01/21campusM takes its EDUCAUSE partnership to the next level
  • 2014/01/16Queensborough Community College takes the lead on mobile delivery with campusM
  • 2014/01/15Queensborough Community College takes the lead on mobile delivery with campusM
  • 2013/12/23Seasons Greetings from everyone at campusM
  • 2013/12/19Developing your own campusM features using the AEK
  • 2013/12/10Gordon Alexander, VLE developer, joins the campusM team
  • 2013/12/04campusM provides app for UCISA’s first two-day Infrastructure Group conference
  • 2013/11/15Come and meet campusM at CISG2013 next week in Brighton
  • 2013/11/05EDUCAUSE publishes 2013 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and IT
  • 2013/10/30The campusM team recuperates after an incredible EDUCAUSE conference
  • 2013/10/23The campusM team runs Mobile Strategy Briefing in London
  • 2013/10/11Heading to the EDUCAUSE 2013 Annual Conference? Download the app now
  • 2013/10/04HighEdWeb 2013 Annual Conference app now available for download
  • 2013/09/25EDUCAUSE working with campusM on its Annual Conference app
  • 2013/09/18iOS 7 campusM app now available to all customers
  • 2013/09/12campusM Platform to provide app for HighEdWeb 2013 Annual Conference
  • 2013/09/06campusM to provide the official event app for the Educause 2013 Annual Conference
  • 2013/07/22campusM goes to print on NFC and location-based services in this summer’s ACUTA Journal
  • 2013/07/12oMbiel welcomes its new Marketing Manager, Javed Shariff
  • 2013/07/01Five stars for campusM
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  • 2013/04/10campusM delivers Offline Prospectus Order Form for the University of Derby
  • 2013/03/23Anglia Ruskin University invests in campusM Enterprise
  • 2013/03/08Try out our location-based services at UCISA’s annual conference in Liverpool
  • 2013/02/24Integrating campusM mobile apps with content management systems
  • 2013/02/14campusM welcomes David Seeds, Business Development Manager
  • 2013/02/06campusM elicits enhancement requests from the user community
  • 2013/01/31A successful launch for moodleM at ULCC this week
  • 2013/01/23Keele University plans mobile services for all its communities with campusM Enterprise
  • 2013/01/15campusM welcomes its new Client Satisfaction Manager
  • 2013/01/08University of Leeds praises “miraculously short delivery” of campusM app
  • 2012/12/19oMbiel’s grottoM is Santa’s favourite little helper
  • 2012/12/06Helping Coventry University to refresh its mobile app
  • 2012/11/29The VLE is going mobile – sign up for our campusM briefing
  • 2012/11/20Location-based services: where are we going next?
  • 2012/11/12University of Leeds personalizes its student services with campusM
  • 2012/10/31Educause publishes case study on campusM at Lancaster University
  • 2012/10/23Working with Coventry University on its mobile app refresh
  • 2012/10/18Big appetite for mobile at HighEdWeb 2012
  • 2012/10/02Insight records 1.4 million hits on campusM mobile apps during Welcome Week
  • 2012/09/28Showcasing campusM with a fictional university mobile app and video
  • 2012/09/18Ovum releases its second report on campusM
  • 2012/09/17campusM works with the Moodle community on forthcoming webinar
  • 2012/09/11Introducing the iCU campusM mobile app
  • 2012/09/05Facebook goes native and turns its back on HTML5
  • 2012/08/29Scottish universities and libraries explore the value of mobile
  • 2012/07/18Improving the student experience with campusM Alerts
  • 2012/07/10University of Exeter embraces campusM Student and Moodle integration
  • 2012/07/04Listening to our customers with the campusM Support Portal
  • 2012/06/26campusM welcomes two new team-members
  • 2012/06/13campusM customers tell it like it is
  • 2012/06/01Sizing up the campusM Stateside opportunities
  • 2012/05/31Popularity of campusM for Conference apps spreads to Australia

Sat Dhanjal feels the love in Australia

Sat Dhanjal’s been out in Australia visiting campusM customers – getting to know the teams, supporting developments, adding ideas, even squeezing in some beach time and a trip to Sydney. First stop was a Health Check with CQU in Queensland, where Sat updated the app branding and content, and helped them plan integrations such as our latest Moodle plug-in. He then spent 3 days with our newest customer – University of Canberra (due to go live with campusM by the end of the year). Both customers were really enthusiastic about campusM, and Sat’s brought the energy of the new world back with him.

Running a campusM Discovery Workshop – Australian Style

University of Canberra and campusMSat has just spent three days at the University of Canberra, our newest customer. We’d already completed most of the set-up remotely, so Sat got straight down to business, introducing the team to the campusM Platform and what it can do for them. They loved it, and their enthusiasm spilled over into day two, when they got down to the technical nitty gritty. They chose campusM because we can meet all their bespoke requirements – they’re keen to integrate with everything from timetables and Single Sign-On to eBooks and online payments. They’re even planning a parking availability feature.

campusM shines at EDUCAUSE 2014

David, Hugh, and Scott had a fantastic time at EDUCAUSE 2014. Last year we showcased campusM’s capabilities as a conference app, and this year we focused on the Platform’s capabilities as a mobile first portal. This resonated with many delegates who reported seeing a massive shift in access to campus systems from mobile devices. This made them really excited about the in-built integration capabilities of the campusM Platform. Next week Scott will be at HighEdWeb in Portland, Oregon – booth #20 – and he’s looking forward to introducing even more people to the campusM omni-channel solution.

Introducing Liz Littler, Our New Customer Satisfaction Manager

Liz LittlerLiz Littler has joined us this week as our new Customer Satisfaction Manager, working with Andrew Taylor to make the campusM customer experience even better. The two of them will be on the road next week, but for now, Liz is learning all about our products and services, and getting to know our friendly team. Liz’s professional background is impressively broad, and in her last role she sold data analysis software to university researchers, so she’s already at home in an HE environment. Based in Southport, Liz enjoys travel and badminton, and, like many campusM staff-members, is a dog-lover.

campusM enhancements for this academic year

It’s exciting to see the new features that campusM clients have deployed for the new academic year. LMS/VLE integrations are on the rise – Leeds and Canterbury Christ Church have made course materials and announcements available, and Lancaster offers a seamless learning experience via SSO with Moodle, PebblePad, and library. UCL has enhanced its library solution to include e-journals as well as books. Many Enterprise clients are using role sync to target services to international students, separate campuses, and even prospects as recruitment remains a priority even as new students arrive.

South Africa loves the campusM Platform

UCT campusM appOn a gruelling but productive 7-day trip, David Stephenson and Andrew Taylor packed in meetings with universities across South Africa. The University of Cape Town (a campusM client) had great things to say about its post-deployment experience (see customer video), especially its integration with PeopleSoft. In fact, campusM went down well at every institution, our forthcoming classroom attendance and polling features generating particular excitement. But it wasn’t all work! The guys also found time to go up Table Mountain and visit the Cape of Good Hope.




Next week, Hugh, Scott and David will be at EDUCAUSE demonstrating some of the exciting new features that campusM has to offer. Make sure you don’t miss out by visiting us on booth 769/868. You will be able to observe our innovative classroom polling in action, and see first-hand how campusM is the omni-channel Platform, offering the best possible user experience on any device.  For more information see our web page and get in touch with us.

Aston University’s Open Day App Profile – Latest Case Study

Our latest mini case study looks at how the campusM Platform helped Tony Lyons and the team at Aston University deliver an Open Day app profile for prospective students.  The profile provides specific personalized information for this important group of users, along with interactive features to make the day easier and more enjoyable. As Tony says, the app communicates the Aston student experience in a way that no brochure or league table can. Attendees gave positive feedback, and the average user re-engaged with the app 7-10 times during the event.

LMS User Group Meeting Video Now Available

We’ve published a video about our recent LMS (VLE) User Group meeting onto our campusM YouTube channel.

The event was a great success, and there was rich interaction between campusM staff and customers on learning technologies in mobile contexts.

User Group meetings allow customers to feed ideas and requirements into campusM Platform developments.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with all our videos.

If you’d like to participate in future User Groups, contact Andrew Taylor or connect with us on Twitter @_campusm_.

Over the past month or so the oMbiel offices have been having a facelift.  As the team continues to grow, the offices have needed to expand.  Our main room has doubled in size, and now boasts 2 glass pod break out spaces, which are perfect for one to one meetings or private calls.

In addition we now also have a fully equipped conference/meeting room.

oMbiel Office – before expansion

oMbiel office before expansion









oMbiel Office – after expansion
oMbiel offices after expansion









oMbiel Conference Room

Photograph of oMbiel Conference Room


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Deploying campusM at your institution

We can deploy campusM at your institution within short timeframes and manage ongoing updates on your behalf. Through technical knowledge transfer, we support you in customizing and branding your app as required.

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